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What potential clients often ask...

How do I work
with my clients?

Which businesses
benefit most?

What do I look
for in a client?

What makes a great
business presenter?

Presentation Skills Coaching from Michael Trigg

You could say that what I do is incredibly unfair. It shouldn’t work. Because I give an unfair advantage to those I work with. It helps them leapfrog their competition – both internal and external.     

In a perfect world, the best person should win. The most experienced, most qualified, most strategic, most well thought out plans, the best products – they should all win. But that’s not the world we live in. Two examples:

  • In 2004 Barack Hussein Obama – a one term senator with limited connections – beat a highly experienced, hugely connected career politician, Hilary Clinton, for the right to become President of the United States. She was by far the most experienced politician, but he gave the better speech. He had the Presentation Advantage.
  • Two clients of mine won business of £1.9 Billion as a direct result of putting my methods to work. Their services and products and the fees they charged were almost identical to the competition. Yet they were confident, crystal clear, natural, engaging and spoke without notes throughout.   They had the Presentation Advantage

We live in a world where the way something is presented creates a winning edge. People “should” buy on logic and make decisions based solely on the facts. But they rarely do.

200,000 years of biology and evolution show that human beings gravitate around people who display certain leadership characteristics. Great presenting is about signalling that leadership and authority in a marketplace.

Like it or not, people judge your company based on seeing you speak. Big partnerships and big deals today are won based on watching videos of you on websites, seeing you on YouTube-  and seeing you present.

I’ve honed these methods working with over 55 companies and 60 nationalities for over 20 years.

I work to make you more convincing, engaging and more trustworthy and appealing to do business with. When I craft your presentation  and your teams’ presentation – it creates a real advantage – the Presentation Advantage. It just works.

Call me direct on +44 (0)208 237 5600 today to discover how you too can get the Presentation Advantage.